About Us

Treadstone Machinery Ltd. is the authorized dealer for Red Rhino Mini Crushers and the Elho Scorpio Rock pickers. It is based out of Southern Alberta.

Treadstone Machinery ltd. was established when its’ owners, Henric and Heidi Sikkens, discovered that there was a need for small scale crushing equipment. During the 20 years of being involved in the aggregate business through their sister company, Dutchie Dirt-Moving Ltd. they discovered that there was a lot of potential customers that would benefit from having a small scale crushing operation.

The Red Rhino Mini Crushers line of equipment were a good fit for Treadstone Machinery Ltd. because there was a wide range of models in Red Rhino’s equipment line which would serve many customers who have diverse needs. The Red Rhino equipment line is manufactured in the UK and is built to last.

Along with the Red Rhino equipment line, Treadstone Machinery Ltd. is also an authorized dealer for the ELHO Scorpio rock picker. Treadstone’s ties to the agriculture industry in Alberta led to its’ interest in the ELHO Scorpio rock picker. Treadstone Machinery ltd. recognized that stones in the field can cause huge costs every year when harvesting machines break down because of them. After some investigation, Treadstone Machinery Ltd. felt that the ELHO Scorpio rock picker would be a helpful solution to fix this problem. Manufactured in Finland, the ELHO Scorpio rock picker is a fully hydraulic driven stone collector.