2023 Bearclaw 1440 Silage Cargo Wagon

2023 Bearclaw 1440 Silage Cargo Wagon

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Standard Features Include:

* Tapered body - 3" wider at the back than the front, helps to reduce drag on the

sides when dumping, the load ejects sooner and at a lower dump height.

* Highway stub axles – North American parts, makes replacement wheels and hub

parts easy to find.

* Rubber ride hitch – reduces jumping on the tractor hitch on rough

ground/smoother at speed.

* Single multi-stage hyd cylinder – requires less oil consumption, accommodating

older and smaller tractors with limited hydraulic oil capacity.

* Drop down side extensions - allows for quick shifting between – Silage, Grain,

Manure etc.


Model1440 Silage Cargo Wagon